Interprofessional Virtual Geriatrics Case

About the Program

The Interprofessional Virtual Geriatrics Case is a semesterlong collaborative experience for students from Social Work, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine. Supported by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, faculty and staff created a web-based case system to overcome barriers to interprofessional education. Through the case system, over 600 students collaborate each year to learn about team-based care.

The case system guides students in collaboration of managing an older adult through four episodes of care. In the case system, each profession receives discipline-specific information and enters a synthesis of this information into the case system. Students then use this information to answer questions individually. Once everyone has answered the individual questions, students collaborate to answer the same questions as a group with the support of an electronic message board.

Through this process, students learn about each other and how to work together to improve patient outcomes. This approach has been featured in a number of national forums, and the web-based case system is being used at several other academic institutions.