Interprofessional Quality Improvement Project

Interprofessional Quality Improvement Project (IPEC 562)

This preceptor-guided capstone course, available in the Fall semester only, emphasizes the application of interprofessional collaboration to improvements in quality and patient safety in contemporary healthcare. Interprofessional teams of students will apply knowledge and skills in quality improvement and patient safety to develop and execute a quality improvement project in an organizational setting.

The Interprofessional Quality Improvement Project is an opportunity for students to engage in health system problems and devise novel solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare systems. Students from medicine, nursing, health administration, and pharmacy in collaboration with faculty from these programs and staff from the VCU Health System’s Performance Improvement Group, select a quality improvement problem from a menu of health system priorities. Then, the students study the problem and develop an approach to test in the clinical environment. Through the experience, students learn about the other profession and how to lead interprofessional quality improvement in our modern healthcare environment. Outcomes from the experience have been featured in national forums. Please contact course director, Dr. Darci Bowles at with any questions.