Interprofessional Quality and Safety Course

About the Course

The Interprofessional Quality and Safety Course (IPEC 502) is a one-credit course for students from pharmacy, nursing, and medicine. Built on the profession-specific competencies from each area, the course engages the students in teams to explore and understand unifying concepts underlying the delivery of high-quality care. Through the course, students learn about the science of safety, the approach to quality improvement, and the behaviors, such as adequate handoffs and appropriate escalation, critical to improving care. Students complete the course with the foundation to lead quality improvement across professional boundaries.

All 2019 sessions take place on Thursday afternoons and will typically follow this schedule:

  • 4:00-5:15pm: (Faculty and Students) Live instruction delivery to students in the McGlothlin Medical Education Center Learning Studios floors 5-8, unless otherwise instructed. 

Students will be notified of assigned team and location about a week prior to class via their respective programs, along with a link to the course eLearning site.   

Spring 2019 session information is available in eLearning (Blackboard).