Richmond Health and Wellness Center

About the Program

The Richmond Health and Wellness Program is a community-based, care coordination program focused on improving the health of indigent, older adults. The program includes faculty and students from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work and the Department of Psychology. These individuals conduct weekly clinics in indigent housing settings across the metro Richmond area. At the clinics, residents of these settings meet with the team of providers to discuss any unmet health needs. The team then works to overcome any barriers to health with the patient and improve well-being.

The program, headed by Pam Parsons, from the School of Nursing was originally supported by a community engagement grant from the Center for Community Engagement. Based on the pilot data from this funding, the team received a three-year, 1.5 million dollar HRSA grant to support expanded interprofessional practice and education in these settings.

The program has become a national model for community-based interprofessional practice and education. Outcomes have been presented in several national venues and faculty have consulted with several external universities and organization about adopting similar models. The program has promised to meet the triple aim of improving health outcomes, decreasing healthcare costs, and enhancing the patient experience with the healthcare system.

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