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Service Learning

About the Program

As part of VCU’s excellence in community engagement <link to CCE>, the Center seeks to support students, staff, and faculty in their efforts to serve the community while also learning about each other. VCU health professional students engage in service learning across Virginia and around the globe. The Center seeks to integrate additional health professions into existing programs to enhance interprofessional learning and shape how participants will integrate with other health professionals as their careers evolve.

Key People

Steven Crossman, M.D.

Associate Professor
School of Medicine

Steven Crossman is an associate professor of family medicine. He is Director of Medical Student Education in the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health and co-coursemaster of the Population Health and Evidence-Based Medicine course in VCU School of Medicine.  He is active in interprofessional teaching in the clinical setting as well as teaching in the Foundations of Interprofessional Practice course.


Sallie Mayer

Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy

Dr. Sallie Mayer, Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science in VCU School of Pharmacy, has expertise in community engagement, service-learning, interprofessional practice, and Diabetes Care in underserved populations.  She has worked with the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health to develop and implement an Interprofessional Enhanced Teaching Practice clinical experience for medical, pharmacy, and interpreter students for the last 7 years. 


Michelle McGregor, R.D.H., B.S., M.Ed.

Assistant Professor
School of Dentistry

Michelle McGregor is an assistant professor and director of the Dental Hygiene Program in the Department of Oral Health Promotion and Community Outreach in VCU School of Dentistry. In addition to directing the Dental Hygiene Program she serves as the junior clinic coordinator, teaches pre-clinical and clinical courses, Ethics and Professionalism, and provides lectures for dental and dental hygiene students.