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Interprofessional Quality Improvement Projects

About the Projects

The Interprofessional Quality Improvement Projects are an opportunity for students to engage in health system problems and devise novel solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare systems. The students from medicine, nursing and pharmacy in collaboration with faculty from these schools and staff from the VCU Health System’s Performance Improvement Group, select a quality improvement problem from a menu of health system priorities. Then, the students study the problem and develop an approach to test in the clinical environment. Through the experience, students learn about the other profession and how to lead interprofessional quality improvement in our modern healthcare environment. Outcomes from the experience have been featured in national forums.

Project Leads

Key People

Jonathan DeShazo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and MHA Program Director
School of Allied Health

Jonathan DeShazo, Ph.D., has expertise in the area of health informatics. His education and experience include over ten years of information systems in industry, five years of nursing, and graduate training in biomedical informatics and health services.   His Ph.D. training and industry experience equip him with the tools and methodological framework needed to investigate emerging technologies; while his health services training brings a rich contextual domain to his research. 


Alan W Dow, M.D., M.S.H.A.

Assistant Vice President of Health Sciences for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care

School of Medicine

Alan Dow is Assistant Vice President of Health Sciences for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care at VCU. He directs the Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care at VCU and is responsible for developing, implementing, and studying initiatives in interprofessional education and collaborative practice across the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Allied Health, and Social Work, the VCU Health System, and the surrounding community. 


Susan Johnson, Ph.D., RN, NEA-CC

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing

Susan C. Johnson is an assistant professor of nursing. She is a nurse leader and former administrator who has many years of experience leading and facilitating interprofessional teams in the hospital environment. Dr. Johnson has been instrumental in the development, facilitation, implementation and curricular integration of a number of interprofessional initiatives at VCU.


Laura Morgan, Pharm.D., M.Ed.

Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy

Laura Morgan an associate professor in the Department of Pharmacotherapy & Outcomes Science in the VCU School of Pharmacy.